Jim Sable



Photography is fascinating to me because is it freezing one moment in time: a smile, an expression, or a pose. My work is authentic, realistic, and not staged. When I see something that inspires me, I want to preserve that moment in time.

I got my start in the world of photography when I was a child and my father worked at Eastman Kodak. He taught me so much about film, light and developing. Though my medium is now digital, I work to produce creative and evocative works that connect emotions to the visual image. If that image produces a visceral reaction in someone, their perception may change. We can look at things differently.


One of my most recent projects is called “Under My Skin”. I combined interviews with photos of people in different outfits or stages of undress. The purpose was to show that people are more than a simple picture. It brought out our issues of body image and comfort in our own skin. In this age of online apps and social media, are we showing our true self? Let’s have a conversation and get to know each other. Let the picture start the conversation where you learn more than what the picture can show. 

In "Landscapes", my most recent project, my photography focused on going in closer to the subject and trying to see more detail with the lens. Stopping to discovering beauty in something small as you pass by helps you focus more on the beauty that surrounds you in this hurried world. And I also discovered how important the concept of wabi-sabi is in art. Imperfections in life are beautiful. 

One moment in time can be seen by many people at different times with different reactions. Let's have a conversation about that and connect.