Jim Sable



A New Art Project by Jim Sable

I am looking for participants in my next art project currently titled Under My Skin, which explores society’s overemphasis of the visual, often without the use of our other senses. What is truly behind the static image we see with our eyes? Under My Skin attempts to contrast images with the spoken word and sounds to challenge the observer to break any preconceived notions about what is seen. It is the intent of this project to help people connect more in a technological society that is quickly losing touch with interpersonal communication. Issues examined will include perceptions, sexuality, gender identification, gender, race, ethnicity, age and body image.

Participants are needed for two to four hour sessions, which will include an interview, photo and possible video shoot. Images, video representations and sound recordings will be used for the piece that will be presented as a gallery exhibit or other projects. Participants may also be asked to do a homework assignment to add to the project.

Participants of all races, ethnic groups, body types, genders, sexual orientations and ages are encouraged to apply. All participants should be comfortable being photographed in a private setting. NUDITY IS REQUIRED. Nude photography is an essential part of this project. Participants will be offered a stipend and prints of select photos from the piece.  Sessions will occur primarily on Saturdays over the next year. 

For more information or to sign up please contact me here.